We provide GRC solutions which is not only optimal but also a next generation type.

  • UCF
  • UCF(Unified Compliance Framework)
  • The world first framework where IT control and laws/regulations around the world are mapped. It organises and optimizes requirements which are different in each law/regulation.
  • Shimpla SIEM
  • An information/event control solution which analyses logs of networking equipment, server, application, etc. It is developed using open source softwares with the rule-setting by NANAROQ SIEM knowledge. It can be implemented in a short time and operated cost effectively.

GRC Software

  • Aruvio


    Cloud-based GRC software.
    Which comprehensively equips functions to assist governance, risk, incident, policy, compliance and supplier management of the client.

  • RSA Archer eGRC

    RSA Archer eGRC

    An on-premise GRC solution provided by EMC.
    Which comprehensively controls risk, incident, policy, compliance, asset, supplier and BCP.

  • AvePoint Compliance Guardian

    AvePoint Compliance Guardian

    A solution to prevent confidential information leakage, control governance, risk and compliance of the client.
    It mainly works with Microsoft SharePoint, and provides information leakage protection functions.