Privacy Policy

NANAROQ Inc. (“NANAROQ”) declares that we are fully aware of the social responsibility with regard to protection of private information while conducting our business, that we make continuous efforts to improve our system to protect private information responding to the changes in social requirements and business environment and that we work on a company-wide basis to protect private information.

Scope of Private Information

We will collect, utilize and provide private information only within the scope necessary to duly conduct our information service related business.

Improvement in security system for private information

We will take rational safety measures and corrective measures against risks of unauthorized access to and breach, disclosure, loss or falsification of private information. And we will continuously improve our security system for private information by allocating managerial resources appropriate for the business conditions.

Compliance with laws, regulations and guidelines

We will comply with laws, regulations and guidelines related to private information.

Improvement in compliance program

We will timely and appropriately review and make continuous improvement to compliance program considering the changes in business environment including the needs of information sources and the trend in IT technology.

January 1, 2010


President and CEO, Yoshikazu Sasaki