Company Name NANAROQ Inc. (NANAROQ Kabushikigaisha)
The company name, NANAROQ, came from the story that founders of the company were born in 1976 where "76" could be pronounced as "NANAROQ" in Japanese.
Founded March 2005 (changed company name in December 2009)
Fiscal Closing November
Capital 44.75 million yen
Officers President & CEO Yoshikazu Sasaki
Director & CBO Satoshi Itakura
Director & CTO Takuya Tsukamoto
Director & CFO Ikue Tanaka
Company Auditor Yasuo Shimada
Address 9F MG Ichigaya Building, 1-9 Gobancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JapanMAP
Subsidiary SHIMPLA PTE.LTD. (Singapore)
Number of Employees 20
Main Business GRC Solution Service Provider
Business License Specified Worker Dispatching Undertaking (特13-318092)
Fee-Charging Employment Placement Businesses(13ーユー301890)
Membership Japan CISO Association (Representative Director)
Japan Card Data Security Consortium (Steering Committee Member)
Major Clients Azbil Corporation
EMC Japan K.K.
ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation
NRI SecureTechnologies, Ltd.
Dimension Data Japan Inc.
DOCOMO Systems,Inc.
Directors & Officers
Yoshikazu Sasaki
President & CEO
Graduating from University of South California, majored in Computer Science, Y. Sasaki joined Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd. and engaged in security consulting. March 2005, he left Hewlett-Packard and established NANAROQ Inc.
Takuya Tsukamoto
Director & CTO
Graduating from University of South California, majored in Computer Science, T. Tsukamoto joined NEC Software, Ltd. (existing NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.) and engaged in the development of mobile phones. Going independent from the company, he engaged in consulting services of business intelligence and security mainly in the field of Finance, Telecommunications and Manufacturing then joined NANAROQ as Director & CTO.
Satoshi Itakura
Director & CBO
Graduating from Meiji University, School of Science and Technology, majored in Electric and Electronics Engineering, S. Itakura joined a major foreign manufacturing subsidiary in charge of sales and marketing. Going independent from the company, he worked as an independent IT consultant then took up a post as the Director & CBO of NANAROQ.
Ikue Tanaka
Director & CFO
I. Tanaka joined an independent management consulting firm after graduating from Seikei University then took a part to establish Agasta Co., Ltd. In May 2014, she joined NANAROQ as a Director in charge of Administration.
Yasuo Shimada
Company Auditor
A CPA. After graduating from Keio University, Y. Shimada worked at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC, JP Morgan Securities (Investment Banking Division), Deutsche Securities (Private Equity Department) and Phoenix Capital. In 2014, he was appointed as a Company Auditor of NANAROQ Inc.
Tsukasa Enomoto
Operating Officer & COO
Had worked mainly as Finance System Integrator and previously worked as General Manager of Technology-Consulting Business Management at Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd. In 2015, he joined NANAROQ as Operating Officer & COO.
Advisory Board
Shinji Morimoto
GRC Executive
A CPA and a Lecturer of Business Administration , Kobe University. Working at PWC Consulting (existing IBM Business Consulting Services KK), S. Morimoto joined Ernst & Young Shin Nihon LLC and served as General Manager of GRC Promotion Office. He has engaged in consulting services of risk management, governance, internal control, etc. based on a long years experience of audit and business management. He was appointed as GRC Executive Director of NANAROQ in 2015.
Yosuke Seta
GRC Executive
CEO & Representative Director, fjconsulting, INC. Working as Representative Director of a Card Security Certification Body and a Director of Forensic Organization specialized in information leakage, Y. Seta is currently acting as a consultant in the payment card industry. In July 2014, he assumed the position of Advisor of NANAROQ Inc.
Craig Issacs
CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of UCF (Unified Compliance Framework), C. Issacs has introduced UCF to the world’s leading GRC software vendors, and helped to establish UCF as a compliance standard around the world.
Akira Muranaka
A. Muranaka engaged in GRC related tasks for major corporations in US, Europe and Japan as GRC consultant of Earnst & Young US, Wipro Technology and Dell Secure Works of India.
Rajesh Unadkat
R. Unadkat is the founder and vice president of Aruvio Technology which disseminated the world’s first cloud based GRC.
Legal Adviser
Yoshihiro Takatori
Y.Takatori is head partner of the Litigation Group in the Orrick Tokyo Law Offices.
His practice focuses on cross-border dispute resolution including multi-jurisdictional litigation and international arbitration on intellectual property, product liability, anti-trust, FCPA and UKBA and compliance investigation and disputes involving labor laws. In 2016, he joined NANAROQ as a Legal Adviser.
Company History
February 2014:
"Risk Organizer" business was transferred from GRC Japan which offered GRC software originated in Japan assisting company-wide risk management.
November 2013:
Established SHIMPLA PTE.LTD. in Singapore.
December 2009:
Changed company name to "NANAROQ Inc."
November 2009:
Established GRC solution business and started sales of UCF products.
March 2005:
Founded "Frontier X Frontier Inc."
November 2016:
Implemented a capital increase through third-party allocation of newly issued shares.


Address 77 Robinson Road, #34-00 Singapore 068896MAP
Main Business Global Compliance and GRC Services
Founded 22 November 2013
Capital 100,000 SGD
Bank Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation
Fiscal Closing September
Shareholders Nanaroq Inc. 100%


  • Japan CISO Association

    Japan CISO Association provides sanctuary for isolated security managers.
    Japan CISO Association organizes activities of Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) of corporations and other organizations of Japan and aims to become a world class information security organization.


  • Japan Card Data Security Consortium (JCDSC)

    JCDSC disseminates and enlightens international security standard for firms handling credit card information (PCIDSS) and is working to establish a safer card society based on public standards such as ISMS and privacy mark as well as security guidelines provided by government and industry.