It is acronym of Governance, Risk and Compliance and recently referred to solutions in general which control complex risks encountered by companies in an integrated manner.

Although business risk management has been left to each operational department, enterprises have often faced unexpected risks due to the substantial change of external environment and the globalized business. Serious risks, which may affect entire organization negatively, shall be managed according to PDCA cycle with company-wide corroboration of all concerned departments including top management.

The implementation of GRC solutions brings companies efficient treatment of troublesome tasks and speedy analysis in relation to risk management which result in proper decision making.

NANAROQ Inc. provides services and products of GRC solutions divided into four categories below.

G (Governance)

Activities to implement corporate policies and rules thoroughly, strengthen management control across the company and carry out its objectives.

R (Risk)

Keeping in mind the organization's appetite for risk, a set of activities to assess, counter and monitor risks that may hinder organization's objectives.

C (Compliance)

On top of mere compliance with laws and regulations, activities to monitor whether the risk management policies established in G and the risk response processes (such as assessment, reduction and transfer) defined in R are observed and operated or not.

S (Security)

Activities to control security management, which is essential to companies now, and entire IT area using GRC approach.